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Liu Jude

Born in 1946, Mongolian.



MA   Academy of Fine Arts & Design of Tsinghua University (1981)

BA   The Central Academy of Arts and Crafts (1970)


Working experience

Graduated from the Central Academy of Arts and Crafts in 1970.

Art editor of Yunnan Art Publishing House in 1973.

Enrolled as a graduate student of Professor Pang Xunqin in 1978 and studied the comparison between traditional Chinese decorative art and modern western art. He was employed by the Academy as a teacher after graduation.

He used to be Vice Director of Academy of Fine Arts & Design of Tsinghua University, Chairman of the Academic Committee, and Chairperson of the Academic Degrees Committee.

At present, Professor and Doctoral Supervisor from the Department of Painting of the Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua University; Director of Wu Guanzhong Art Research Center of Tsinghua University; Member of China Artists Association; Member of Beijing Artists Association; Executive Member of China Painting Association. Enjoys the honor of receiving the special allowance from the State Council.


Publishing monographs

(1994). Graphic Imagination.  Liaoning Art Publishing Publishing House.

(2013). Confront Images.  Shanghai Bookstore Publishing House.


Publishing albums

(1996). Collection of Liu Jude's Sketches.  Jilin Art Publishing House.

(1996). Collection of Liu Jude’s Oil Paintings.  Jilin Art Publishing House.

(1999). Collection of Liu Jude’s Chinese Paintings.  Shanxi People's Publishing House.

(2017). Collection of Liu Jude’s Fan.  Hebei Art Publishing House.

(2017). Collection of Liu Jude’s Pottery Sculpture.  Hebei Art Publishing House

(2017). The Light of Chaos: Liu Jude's Artworks.  Culture and Art Publishing House

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Hu Mingqiang

Born in 1977, China



Post-doctoral Degree, Tsinghua University, 2016

Doctoral Degree, Chinese National Academy of Arts, 2014

Master’s Degree, 2007

Bachelor’s Degree, 2000


Work experience

Associate professor, Beijing Vocational College of Electronic Science and Technology

Research fellow, Chinese Painting Creation Research Institute in Art Development Center of The Ministry of Culture and Tourism, China

Professor of Li Keran Academy of Painting

Professor of Modern Ink Research Center, Shandong Normal University


Domestic exhibitions

2021, China National Academy of Painting Celebrating the 100th Anniversary of the Founding of the Communist Party of China "Act Your Glorious Youth - Young Artists Exhibition”(Art Museum in China National Academy of Painting)

2019, Chinese National Academy of Arts Educational Achievement Exhibition (National Museum of China)

2018, NOT JUST SEE- New Realism Ink Research Exhibition (Beijing, Nanjing, Guangzhou, Xian, Jinan)

2017, Gu ben Liu yuan - Landscape Painting Heritage Academic Invitation Exhibition (Chinese Painting Art Museum)

2016, SOU MIAO CHUANG ZHEN -2016 National Symposium on Landscape Painting Teaching in Higher Art Colleges and Exhibition of Teachers and Students' Works

2016, Ice Break·Time - Contemporary Ink National Exhibition

2016, Exhibition to commemorate the 110th  birthday of Pang Xunqin

2015, Double personal Exhibition (Yantai)

2015, Jiang Baolin Teachers and Students Exhibition (China National Academy of Painting)

2014, Hu Mingqiang Ink Works REPORT & EXHIBITION (Chinese National Academy of Arts)

2014, First Religious Art Exhibition (Peking University)

2014, The 2nd art college Beijing Garden Sketch Invitation Tour Exhibition (Li Keran Sketch Prize)

2014, Habitation of Buddhist mood - Hu Mingqiang Solo Exhibition

 (Beijing 798 All-Art Center for Contemporary Art)

2013, The Status of Ink Painting - Twenty Nominated Exhibitions of Contemporary Youth Ink Painting

2012, The 1st National Landscape Painting Exhibition (Recognition Award)


International exhibitions

2015, Paris Nomination Exhibition of Young Artists (Kneller Museum in Paris, France)


Published albums

Hu Mingqiang Ink Heart Image, Beijing Arts & Crafts Publishing House

Tree, Qingdao Publishing House.

Modernity of Chinese Painting in the 20th Century and Wu Guanzhong, Hunan Arts Publishing House

Dunhuang Frescoes and Modern Landscape Paintings, China Light Industry Publishing House

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